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No Zenfone 4 at Computex 2017 event. Are we shocked? Nope.

No Zenfone 4 at Computex? How could this be? Truth be told we are not shocked by this development. Fact. Snapdragon 835 was delayed as were other supplies. On that basis it was hard to think Asus would come out with their Zenfone 4 at this point. Sure we hoped to see some new models […]

Asus at Computex 2017 countdown and teasers begin!

Asus keeps  most of their prized creations under wraps for the Computex shows in Taipei Taiwan. They go all out and the company tends to go above and beyond when it comes to innovations. The only downside is that there is generally a long wait until these products come to store shelves. That is what […]

Zenfone 4 coming in Q2 2017

According to Jerry Shen, Asus CEO, the Zenfone 4 is coming in Q2 2017. In case you are wondering, Q2 (quarter 2) covers the months of April, May, June. As you might know, Computex 2017 is June 1 which is where Asus loves to unveil their Zenfone products. It won’t launch then unless Asus changes […]