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It’s ASUS 6z, not ZenFone 6 for India (rebrand only)

Nothing like a bit of tech drama. ASUS is moving ahead in spite of the “Zen” court challenges and is pushing ahead with their planned June 19th release date for the ZenFone 6 in India. We mean to say the “ASUS 6Z” release date in India is moving forward as planned. The company appears to […]

ASUS confirms ZenFone 6 release date (sort of) for US market

Most of us wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the ZenFone 6 is in high demand. As a result of this higher than expected demand, ASUS has been struggling to get a handle on availability. This in turn leads to a lot of unanswered questions from people about when they can buy a ZenFone 6 […]

Google Camera on ZenFone 6 now working – includes full resolution HDR+

Ask most mobile phone experts and they will all agree that Google phones take the best photos. When we say best, that is to say the Google phones have the best camera software. With each new Pixel phone, Google seems to get better and better results. What if we told you that your ZenFone 6 […]